Flame Retardants

Flame Retardants are used to reduce the flammability of plastic materials. These additives serve to make the ignition of plastics more difficult, inhibit the combustion process, and limit heat release. Flame retardants are added to plastic materials to meet the flammability standards for applications such as electrical and electronic components, building and construction materials, automotive and aviation, and shipping pallets. Along with complementary technologies like smoke detectors and sprinkler systems, flame retardants make an important contribution to fire safety.

Type Of Flame Retardants


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Ecochem Flame Retardants are halogen-free and represent more eco-friendly alternatives to conventional halogenated products. Eccochem flame retardants also provide excellent performance in industry-standard such as Flame Retardants for engineering plastics and flame retardants for polyolefins.

Details are TCPP, MPP-A, MPP-B, Zinc Borate flame retardants, FR-1420, FD3250, FR-10, etc.

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