Ecochem Plastic Additives on Sports Landscape Applications

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Industry Material
Sports Landscape Artificial Grass PE/PP
Wood Plastic PE/PP
Imitation Rattan PE/PP
Rotomolding PE
Plastic Runway PU/EPDM

Wood Plastic WPC Application

Ecochem plastic additives on Wood Plastic WPC Application

Wood plastic is a new wood material made by mixing polyethylene and PVC with more than 35%-70% of wood flour, rice husk, straw, and other waste plant fibers.

After extrusion, molding, injection molding, and other plastic processing processes, the production of panels or profiles, is mainly used in construction, furniture, logistics packaging, and other industries.

Wood plastic products are prone to fading in the use of engineering, and require the addition of appropriate light stabilizers for improvement.

Anti-aging requirements

Effectively reduce the fading requirements of wood plastic

Recommended use

UV-531, LS-622, LS-196

Artificial Grass Application

Ecochem plastic additives Artificial grass application

Artificial grass is a kind of chemical product that can meet the needs of professional sports facilities and replace natural sports materials by processing artificial fiber and other chemical materials with modern special machinery.

Artificial grass has the advantages of low maintenance cost and can be used at any time, so it has been developed rapidly in recent years. However, the general artificial grass (usually PE material) is prone to age under the harsh outdoor environment.

It is necessary to extend the service life of the grass by adding anti-aging additives.

Anti-aging requirements

The general artificial grass needs to be used outdoors again for 5-8 years, UV 340 accelerated aging 3000 hours (specific parameters)

Recommended use

LS-944, LS-119, LS-622, UV-531, AO-B215, AO-B225, the amount of addition depends on the type of grass, the region, and the time of use, generally, the amount of light stabilizer added: is 4-10‰, the amount of antioxidant added: 1-2‰.

Imitation Rattan Application

Ecochem plastic additives on Imitation rattan application

Imitation rattan is a type of plastic material that replaces natural rattan and is usually used to make outdoor imitation rattan furniture. Imitation rattan material is usually PE or PVC, which is prone to aging and fracture in the process of long-term outdoor use.

Affect the long-term use of rattan products. Adding a certain amount of light stabilizer and antioxidants to the rattan material can greatly extend the service life of the rattan.

Anti-aging requirements

Reduce discoloration and cracking of imitation rattan samples

Recommended use

Anti-aging additives: LS-944, LS-622, LS-770

Anti-aging masterbatch: L-511

Plastic Runway Application

Ecochem plastic additives on Plastic runway application

It is composed of polyurethane pre-polymer, mixed polyether, waste tire rubber, EPDM rubber granule or PU granule, pigment, anti-aging additives, and filler.

The plastic runway has the characteristics of good flatness, high compressive strength, appropriate hardness and elasticity, and stable physical properties.

Adding a certain amount of anti-aging additives greatly prolongs the service life of plastic runways.

Anti-aging requirements

So that it has a certain elasticity and color, a certain anti-UV ability, and aging resistance.

Recommended use

UV-531, UV-326, LS-770

Rotational Plastic Application

Ecochem plastic additives on Rotational plastic application

Rotational molding, also known as rotational molding, rotational molding, rotary molding, etc., is a thermoplastic hollow molding method. It is a thermoplastic hollow molding method in which plastic materials are first added to the mold, and then the mold is continuously rotated and heated along two vertical axes.

The plastic material in the mold is gradually and evenly coated and melted and adhered to the entire surface of the mold cavity under the action of gravity and heat, and then molded into the desired shape.

Then the product is shaped by cooling and shaping. The products are used outdoors for a long time, which makes the samples change color, crack and other aging conditions.

The addition of a certain amount of anti-aging additives will effectively reduce such conditions.

Anti-aging requirements

Uniformity of color change and cracking of the product

Recommended use

UV-531, UV-326, UV-327


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