Ecochem Plastic Additives on Plastic Knitting Industry Application

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Industry Material
Plastic Knitting Industry Plastic Woven Bags PE/PP
Container Bag PP
Rainproof Cloth PE/PP
Geotextiles PP
Sunshade net PE/PP

Geotextiles Application

Plastic Additives Geotextiles Application

Geotextile is a new type of geotechnical engineering material, which is made of various types of polymer as raw material and placed inside, on the surface, or between layers of soil to play the role of reinforcement, filtration, drainage, impermeability, separation, and protection. The raw materials for making geotextiles are polyester fiber (polyester), polypropylene fiber (polypropylene), and polyamide fiber (nylon). Polyester is the most used, followed by polypropylene. Due to the influence of its own material, as well as the diameter of the silk being very small, in long-term outdoor use prone to the aging phenomenon, the fabric manifested as fading, and brittle.

Aging Resistance Requirements

Reduce the performance degradation and fading phenomenon in the process of outdoor use.

Recommended use

Polypropylene: LS-770, LS-944, LS-119, LS-622, L-860 (masterbatch)

Polyester: LS-119, LS-622, UV-326, UV-328, UV-531

Nylon: LS-114, LS-944, LS-119, UV-234

Rainproof Cloth Application

Rainproof Cloth Application

The main materials of rainproof cloth are polypropylene and polyethylene, which are widely used in storage, construction, various tents, gun jackets, factories and mines, harbor docks, various greenhouse canopies, transportation vehicles, ships, aircraft, and other means of transport and open-air goods to cover protection and other uses. Since the use of the environment is more special, so needs to have the advantages of being the waterproof, cold, sun, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, durable, pressure, folding, corrosion resistant, lightweight, economical, and so on.

Anti-aging requirements

Reduce the performance degradation and fading phenomenon in the process of long-term outdoor use.

Recommended use

Anti-aging additives: LS-791, LS-944

Shade Net Application

Sunshade net Application

Shade net, also called shade net, is a lightweight, high-strength, aging-resistant, net-like new agricultural plastic mulching material. Using it to cover crops with certain functions of shading, heat protection, cooling, drought prevention, and repelling diseases and insects, it is used to replace straw, straw, and other farming traditional mulching materials. Its main material is HDPE and LLDPE. Since shade nets need to be used outdoors for a long time, they have high requirements for anti-aging.

Anti-aging requirements

Outdoor requirements for use are generally above 3 years, and some of them may require a service life of 5-10 years. The laboratory can conduct UV test chamber tests according to customer demand.

Recommended use

Anti-aging additives: LS-944, LS-622, LS-119, LS-770.

The additional amount is generally 0.3-0.8%.

Anti-aging masterbatch: L-650, L-691, the addition amount is generally 1-3%.


Ecochem is the global special plastic additives one-stop supplier in the world. Located in Jiangsu Province,China.

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