Ecochem Plastic Additives on Paint Applications

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Industry Material
Paint Application Paint, Dye PAA/PU/AR/ER/PET

Paint Applications

Ecochem Plastic Additives on Paint Applications

Paint is a viscous liquid made of resin, oil, or latex as raw material, with or without adding pigment and filler, adding corresponding additives, and prepared with organic solvent or water.

As most of the paints are exposed to outdoor aging for a long time, it makes the paints lose light, discoloration, and chalking, which seriously affects the use of paints.

Anti-aging requirements

Reduce the occurrence of loss of light, fading, cracking, and chalking during the outdoor use of coatings.

Recommended use

Ecochem UV-292, Ecochem UV-123 (can be used alone with 0.5-2% addition, also can be used together with 1-3% of Ecochem UV-1130 or Ecochem UV-384-2 or Ecochem UV-928)

Ecochem UV-384-2, Ecochem UV-1130, Ecochem UV-928, Ecochem UV-400 (can be used alone with 1-3% addition, also can be used with 0.5-2% 123 or 292)


Ecochem is the global special plastic additives one-stop supplier in the world. Located in Jiangsu Province,China.

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