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What Ecochem Offer

Basking in Brilliance: Anti-Aging Solutions for Your Plastics

Light Stabilizer 770


Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers(HALS) is highly effective in PE/PP/PS/PU/PVC, especially in films and fibers

UV stabilizer 360


UV Absorbers protect plastics, adhesives, coatings, and elastomers from UV light damage, ensuring their durability and resilience in outdoor conditions.

Antioxidant DSTDP CAS NO 693-36-7


Antioxidant polymer additives play a crucial role in inhibiting the process known as oxidation.they are able to stabilize the plastic products’ qualities and slow degradation processes.

Polymerization Inhibitor 701CAS NO 2226-96-2

Polymerization inhibitor

Polymerization inhibitors are a type of plastic additive used to control or prevent the polymerization process during the manufacturing and storage of certain plastic materials.



Ecochem PVC thermal stabilizers function mainly by substitution of the labile allylic chlorine atoms that are intermediates in the dehydrochlorination process.

Flame Retardant FR 1420


Ecochem flame retardants are halogen-free and represent more eco-friendly alternatives to conventional halogenated products.

Why Choose ECOCHEM

Your Trustworthy Plastic Additives Supplier

Ecochem offers an extensive range of over 100 polymer additives, ensuring a perfect match for your specific requirements. Connect with us to identify the ideal solutions for your production process. We even provide complimentary small samples for pre-purchase testing.

Discover simplicity and expertise with Ecochem – your one-stop-shop for all polymer additive needs.

Explore our product range now; find exactly what you need and maybe even uncover innovative solutions to streamline your manufacturing!

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Agricultural Plastic Application

Advancing Agriculture: Polymer Additives for Superior Films

Elevate the performance of your agricultural films with our premium polymer additives, designed to enhance durability, flexibility, and UV resistance. Ensure lasting protection for your crops and invest in sustainable farming success with solutions tailored for the agricultural challenges. Discover the difference with our additives today.

Automotive Plastic Application

Driving Excellence: Enhanced Polymer Solutions for Automotive Applications

Optimize your automotive components with our innovative polymer additives, designed for superior durability, heat resistance, and UV stability. Elevate performance, enhance safety, and ensure longevity in every ride. Drive innovation with our advanced solutions today.

Packing Application

Packaging Perfection: Elevating Solutions with Polymer Additives

Transform your packaging materials with our advanced polymer additives, engineered for enhanced strength, flexibility, and durability. Experience superior protection and performance in every package, ensuring product safety and extending shelf life. Revolutionize your packaging with our innovative additives today.

Building Construction Application

Building Strength: Polymer Additives for Construction and Architecture

Revolutionize your construction materials with our specialized polymer additives, meticulously designed to enhance durability, weather resistance, and structural integrity. Our solutions ensure longevity and performance in a variety of building applications, from roofing and insulation to windows and siding. Elevate your architectural projects with the robust support of our innovative additives today.

Artifical Grass Application

Green and Durable: Enhancing Artificial Grass with Polymer Additives

Transform your artificial turf with our high-performance polymer additives, crafted to boost resilience, color retention, and UV resistance. Experience lush, vibrant greens that withstand the test of time and elements, providing a consistently pristine appearance and feel. Elevate your artificial grass applications to new heights of durability and aesthetics with our innovative solutions.

Coating & Elastomers

Maximizing Performance: Polymer Additives for Coatings and Elastomers

Enhance the properties and prolong the lifespan of your coatings and elastomers with our state-of-the-art polymer additives. Our products are designed to improve flexibility, durability, and resistance to environmental stressors, ensuring optimal performance in various applications. Elevate the resilience and effectiveness of your coatings and elastomers, and discover the difference our polymer additives can make.

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Polymer Additives Anti-Aging Solutions for Your Plastics.
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